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Like all Buddhist centres, Kamalashila Institute cannot survive without the various kinds of support it receives from its friends, guests, and sponsoring members. There are many different ways you can support our work at Kamalashila and the Karmapa’s vision for Europe.

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Sponsoring Members: The Heart and Backbone of Kamalashila!

Our sponsoring members are the heart and backbone of Kamalashila Institute. They are what keep Kamalashila going each and every day. It is only through their solid and dependable financial support that we are able to maintain such an extensive programme and keep our centre alive. In order to increase this financial base, we would like to ask all our friends and guests of Kamalashila to help us with their financial support. This can be as little as 11 euros per month, which is only about 30 cents a day. Incidentally: Sponsoring members receive a 20% rebate on course fees, and membership fees are tax deductible!

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Another way of supporting Kamalashila’s work is by making a donation. It is through generous donations that we have often been able to realize important projects, such as an education programme for our translator, or to carry out necessary renovations on the buildings or to make such necessary acquisitions as new mattresses. We are very grateful for every donation! If you would rather like to make a donation for something specific or for something urgently needed, please feel free to contact us. Or if you would like to donate an object of some kind, you can contact us as well.

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